Good Reads
September 30th, 2014

Good Reads

New strips in August!!

Holy Moses and frankfurters! After another lengthy hiatus Pangaea is back this month featuring brand new strips from book 3!!


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Book of Da – Kickstarter

Check out the long awaited graphic novel, ‘Book of Da’ by Mike Mccubbins and Matt Bryan on their Kickstarter fundraising page here!!

Retro Week

Comics from 8/5 to 8/11 will be a rummaging of older strips whilst I unpack my bags from Canada and get to work on some new strips. Hope you enjoy these old favorites. (dang I am lazy)

Elephant Graveyard Blackjack

Sneak preview of the first few pages from the story ‘Elephant Graveyard Blackjack’.
Art by the amazing Matt Bryan of Moses and Bean & Urchin Sketch.

I had to whittle down the text from the original story to fit into eight pages, but the comic adaptation really brought this tale to life. Look for the entire story, plus other strange and whimsical fables in the upcoming Ink & Drink fantasy anthology – ‘Hammered’, September 2012.